12+ Top Camping Ideas and Gadgets

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top-camping-ideas-the36thavenue-comCamping may have been part of our ancestors’ lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve upon things. If you’ve ever spent time in the great outdoors, you know it can be a little difficult getting along without the usual comforts of home. Even the simple act of washing our hands requires extra effort and planning ahead of time.

Desirée at The 36th Avenue scoured the Internet for solutions to make camping easier. She shared this collection of great camping ideas and gadgets that she found. They will make cooking, cleaning, and even sleeping more pleasurable out in the wilderness. Some of the tips and projects will serve to liven up your yard for summertime barbecues. There are even simple recipes for delicious campfire cooking. See how you can improve your next camp-out when you click the link below.

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