13 Signs That You Lack Magnesium And How You Can Fix It

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14444739_1571813496174872_3251715891339287716_oIf you are fatigued, suffering from insomnia, leg cramps, and other aches, you might not be consuming enough magnesium. There are many other telltale signs. A magnesium deficiency contributes to chronic conditions like diabetes, too.

Sierra Bright at Natural Living Ideas shared this post about how to tell if you lack magnesium and what you can do to fix it. We may try to eat enough of this essential mineral but factors like age and health problems keep our bodies from utilizing it. You’ll see what may cause this and which symptoms result from a deficiency. You’ll also discover how to increase your magnesium consumption and what levels are recommended for your needs. Learn what warning signs to watch for and then how to get your body feeling better when you click the link below.

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