22 Excellent Hair Color Tips No One Ever Told You

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14379726_1565972880092267_5436364711370061251_oAccess to the world’s best colorists is not in the cards for most of us. Whether you opt to try home coloring, or you spring for a mid-level stylist, following the tips of the experts will make a top notch color job much more likely. Tips ranging form how to choose color both from a drug store box or a punk color jar, to which parts of your hair to dye and which to gloss will make you savvy in the dye job info arena.

Leonora Epstein interviewed four famous hairstylists for Buzzfeed. These experts gave her 22 tips in five categories: At Home and DIY, Upkeep, Saving Money and Extending the life of the Dye Job, Damage and Disaster, and Rainbow Colors. Satisfy your curiosity at the link below.

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