Cashew Nutrition: Absolute the Best Treatment for Depression without Medication

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Cashew nuts need humid and hot climate, which is the reason why some countries, such as Tanzania, Nigeria, Brazil and Mozambique, are the largest producers of Cashew Nuts in the world.

Health Benefits:

1. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, soluble dietary fiber and numerous phytochemicals that prevent severe diseases, including cancers.

2. Cashews are also filled with monounsaturated fatty acids, such as palmitoleic and oleic acids, which are great for the heart’s health.

3. These tasty nuts are also rich in essential minerals. Some of the most useful minerals that can be found in cashew nuts are potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium and iron. By consuming just a handful of cashews daily you will provide the necessary amount of the abovementioned minerals and protect your organism from deficiency-related diseases.

4. Cashews can be quite useful due to their numerous essential vitamins, such as pyridoxine (vitamin B6), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), thiamin (vitamin B11) and riboflavin. 

5. Cashews also contain a very small quantity of zeaxanthin, which is a very important pigment of flavonoid antioxidant. Zeaxanthin is selectively absorbed inside the retinal macula in the eyes.

Cashew nuts are more than great source of tryptophan, which is a vital amino acid our body needs to take it throughout the food. This amino acid helps children develop and grow, regulates mood, balances our behavior, improves sleep and can significantly lower the level of stress, anxiety and depression.

Beside allergies caused by eating walnuts, almonds and other nuts, cashew nut cause allergy in both adults and children and is one of the commonest food allergies. Same as peanuts, cashews can lead to occurrence of some very severe allergic reactions, even if the individual has consumed just a small quantity of cashews.

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