How To Get Pregnant Super Fast (Best Positions For Getting Pregnant)

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Medical check-ups

When you’re trying to get pregnant, get a check-up to detect any problems that might get in the way. Also, consult with your doctor if you’re on medication to ensure that they’re not interfering with the pregnancy.

Regular sex

Of course, regular sex means more chances of getting pregnant. By having sex every day, you won’t need to track your ovulation. Enjoy it – sex never gets boring!

Avoid caffeine, smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs

According to studies, caffeine considerably affects your chances of getting pregnant, so you should avoid any caffeine-rich foods and drinks. Smoking, alcohol or drugs can also harm your chances, and they can increase the chances of birth defects. It’s really not worth it!

Enjoy yourself

The more aroused you are during sex, the less stressed you will be. Stress keeps ovulation from occurring and can also throw your cycles off course, making it difficult to predict ovulation.

Getting pregnant is not easy- there are many factors to take into account. Hopefully, these tips will help you conceive.

Consider proper positions

Many people believe that proper positions can get you pregnant. For example, the missionary position put the sperm closest to the cervix, increasing the likelihood of fertilization. Although not supported by studies, this won’t reduce the chances of getting pregnant.

Make the trip easier

The vaginal area is unfriendly to sperm, which is why it’s so hard to conceive. Make it more sperm-friendly to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Avoid using douches, sprays, scented tampons and lubricants when trying to stay pregnant. Using these products will only make the area more hostile to sperm.

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